What is a wax melt and how do I use it?

Wax melts are created specifically to be used in either tea light burners, or electric wax warmers.  They are highly scented and can deliver a powerful fragrance punch that weaves through your rooms.

Simply cut a piece of wax from the pot (approx 1/3-1/4) depending on warmer size and place into the clean, dry well.  DO NOT ADD WATER!  Place a standard unscented tea light underneath and as the wax melts, it will release it’s wonderful aroma.  Replace the wax as required, usually when the fragrance has diminished after 3-4 tea lights use – sometimes even longer!

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION – Please keep waxes out of reach of children and pets, and your lit warmers away from draughts, furnishings and other flammable items.  Do not eat and always wash your hands after handling wax products…they may smell divine, but we promise they don’t taste it!!

Why should I choose soy wax?

Soy burns clean and slow, it doesn’t contain any nasties like herbicides, pesticides or toxins; it’s made from soy beans so it’s a renewable, environmentally sound and carbon neutral option.  We also believe our customers deserve the very best…soy wax ticks ALL the boxes for us!

I have sensitive skin, will your products be ok for me?

You’re in good company!  The reason Jo started crafting bath and body products was because of her own intolerance to SLS, parabens and MIT.  Whilst we can’t promise our products will suit your skin type, we DO promise we will never use SLS, parabens, MIT or Cocamide DEA.  We have lots of happy customers with a range of sensitivities including Psoriasis, who get along famously with L&M goods.  Always check the label to see if there is anything you may be allergic to and if you do notice any irritation, discontinue use immediately.

I love animals....do you test your products on my furry friends?

Absolutely not!  Our founder is a lifelong animal lover, lacto-vegetarian and also proud mama to Bert the Basset, Fluffy the Piggle and Cat…the Cat, so cruelty free comes naturally to us!  Not only do we NOT test our products on furbabies, we also ONLY purchase ingredients from suppliers who share our passion for cruelty free products xo

Why are there variations in the finished products?

Every L&M item is lovingly handcrafted by us in our village workshop.  Minor imperfections, variations in the colour and finish are not defects, but testament to their handmade nature…crafted, labelled, wrapped and packed by humans (well, 1 to be precise…), NOT machines!

What is your Openbox option all about?

Openbox offers the opportunity for our customers to secure smaller purchases without having to pay postage every time.  Simply check out and select Openbox as your form of shipping.  This allows you to pay for your goods only.  We then set your order aside in a postal box with a packing slip.  You can add to your box at your convenience throughout the month, when you are ready for us to post your order, simply checkout your final order to include shipping.  Please be aware that our free shipping option for orders over £40, is not available with Openbox.

How long will it take for my order to dispatch?

We strive to keep as many products in stock as possible, but please be aware that some items in your order will inevitably need to be made specifically for you.  This means that it can take 3-5 working days from order placement to dispatch.  We believe the products are worth the wait and hope you will too!


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